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Inside Out

From April 2012 – April 2014 I worked as a character shader on Inside Out. I was responsible for doing the look development and shading on Anger, Fear, Joy, the “Rainbow Unicorn” and much of this work was transferred to the other characters. I also did the early look development of the background characters in […]

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Monsters University

I started working on Monsters University in April of 2010. I worked as a “sets shader”. This involves designing the surfaces and materials of everything you see that isn’t a character. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the teaser trailer below. I shaded many of the environments in the film.

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In 2005 I first heard about an unnamed James Cameron project. There were rumors that his next movie was going to be called “Battle Angel”, a space opera of epic proportions. Soon, however, the grapevine revealed that it wasn’t Battle Angel in the works, but Avatar. The word was Weta was handling it, that it […]

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